Coping with Anxiety & Stress

Keeping your Brain Sharp & Fit


Earlier on today, despite having a day off of work and enjoying the afternoon to myself, watching animes and eating junk food, I experienced a very unhappy moment. Let me introduce a scenario; You are washing the dishes and suddenly the kitchen pipes burst. The drain water starts to leak from below the sink and the floors you’re standing on immediately get wet and becomes flooded. You then angrily proceed to claim the title of ‘King of The Kitchen’ and begin mopping the kitchen tiles. The boiling water that was planned to be used to prepare a cuppa coffee is done cooking and you get a tad bit overly excited, spilling the slimy contents of the bucket.. in which your good ol’ mop is in. ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE.

So, how does one keep their brain sharp and fit? External and internal stimuli.
Find/Do things that can give your brain a type of stimulation. Preparing coffee/tea is one action that provides a feeling of calm and satisfaction. To be honest here, nothing beats having a zen moment and practicing meditation. Not your cup of tea? Read a book!

When you realize that you are very angry and this is not going to help in the upcoming discussion with your partner,  decide to take a few deep breaths (emotional self regulation).
When you weigh the pros and cons of staying at your current positions versus applying for a new job in a new city(decision making).
When you decide to refrain from eating that chocolate bar because this would be against your diet rules (inhibition).

  • Decision making: the ability to make decision based on problem solving, incomplete information and on emotions(both ours & others).
  • Working memory: the capacity to hold in mind and manipulate information in real time.
  • Emotional self regulation: the ability to identify and manage one’s own emotions.
  • Sequencing: the ability to break down complex action into manageable units and prioritize in the right order.
  • Inhibition: the ability to withstand distractions and internal urges.

Discipline is key, boys and girls. Remember that!
Stay away from drugs, negative influences and situations. Although I would like to state that seeing a psych or a counsellor is nothing to be ashamed of. Also, don’t EVER hesitate to seek prescription drugs if you feel the need and are unable to cope with the anxieties and stresses of life.


Written by Yoji Amashiro
Artwork by JungleEye


Making a difference: Activism

What differentiates ‘Activism’ from ‘Slacktivism’?

In modern society, social networking has made everything in our lives so much more convenient through the internet. This is also with regards to Social Activism. Now, don’t get me wrong..being passionate and enthusiastic about a cause is great. But does sitting there contributing to society behind the computer screens actually make a difference? Perhaps it does. It doesn’t take much to get out there and take part in a non-violent protest, gathering or an intervention in order to make an impact and creating a difference. Spreading that awareness is great nonetheless but we need to start doing more than just sitting there and making contributions to sites like and or even sharing posts on Facebook.

Digital Activism has been integrated into a large part of our youths that makes spreading awareness much more swift and precise. It encourages people to start making a change in their lives no matter how minuscule or insignificant it may seem. Even in Singapore, where they are so afraid of their own government due to the strict laws and regulations, people have taken a stand and are beginning to occupy places like Hong Lim Park to protest and project their views and opinions to the public and the not so tolerant government.

 group of not-so-happy Singaporeans and their concerns about the government.

So you see, while the world as it is, desperately needs change..we as human beings have to make a stand, voice out our opinions and help out in whatever way possible. Whilst making the habit to get out there and attend a protest, I hope that you guys continue to spread awareness and keep the energy flowing.
Remember, Love is the key.

Written by Yoji Amashiro

Gender Inequality?

What do you think of gender equality in current world affairs? Is it existent? Does it differ from feminism?

Here is a social experiment conducted by a group of activists who truly believe in equality for all genders.

Video link: 

The modern age has stemmed the bridge between male chauvinism and feminism. However, things are not truly equal as we continue to face the stereotypical behaviour of how humans should act.

Equality between men and women exists when both sexes are able to share equally in the distribution of power and influence. There are many things women can do to change the situation in their everyday life. In today’s western society, if a woman wants be successful she can, since she is backed up by western society’s law which believes in equality between men and women. Therefore, gender discrimination cannot be considered an issue unable to be solved. The world is evolving and if women all over the world are really keen on overcoming gender discrimination in societies, I believe that all systems are in place to help them succeed.

Technically, feminism is defined as women having equal rights to men. However, feminism as it is currently practiced and taught, is not about gender equality. It is built on the premise that society today is inherently skewed in men’s favour. While this may have been true in the past, this is no longer the case today. It makes it seem like a biased pro-women anti-men thing when by definition it isn’t. Feminism desperately clings on to this ‘golden age of misogyny’ and they want to act like women are still second-class citizens, when clearly in the west, they are not. Feminism has already become irrelevant; because women already have more rights then men. Feminism is no longer relevant in modern society because, while it helped women gain equal rights to men in our country, those rights are now standard. Women now can choose careers and motherhood without condemnation from the business world and society. Women now get equal education and business opportunities as men. While feminism was needed many decades ago, its goal has been accomplished.

In the corporate world, women already have same (if not elevated) rights as compared to men. However, objectification of women is still rampant in society evident in mainstream music videos, commercials or advertisements. The media constantly tells women how they should be. This gets into the minds of young women everywhere. Even though we aren’t objects, somewhere, in the back of many people’s minds, they start to think the only way we can be beautiful is if we allow ourselves to become objects rather than people. Sexual objectification is not only deeply and bizarrely rooted in our cultural subconscious, but it’s also something that has to change if we want a truly happy, sex-healthy society. We need to teach each other to treat each other as equal human beings. Sometimes, I believe we are numb to what true beauty is. It’s not being looked at and craved after for only a moment; it’s seeing the heart and essence of a person draped in their natural wonder. If we continue to objectify women and men, or people, we’ll lose our ability to recognise true beauty when we see it. I personally, am happy that as a women in today’s society, get the benefits that men have and do not have to worry about my gender when establishing a career. However I strive for humanism and the day where men, media and society do not objectify women and men, without following society’s guidelines on how to live and act and truly be who we are.

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Written by Fiona Wee