Musk accidentally tweets his phone number to 16.7m folllowers

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Elon Musk gave his 16.7 million Twitter followers what he meant to send to the chief technology officer of virtual-reality company Oculus: his phone number.

“Do you have a sec to talk? My cell is …” Musk wrote from his account to John Carmack, the CTO of Facebook-owned Oculus. The Tesla chief executive officer quickly deleted the post.

A call placed to the number that Musk tweeted went to voicemail and played a message from the video game God of War.

“By the Gods you’ve done it,” the message intones. “Somehow you’ve found your way here to me. I offer you my congratulations and my respect.”

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The tweet invited speculation that Musk, 46, may have been trying to recruit Carmack or was seeking ways for Oculus to cooperate with any of the many businesses he runs.

Those include the electric-car maker Tesla, rocket company SpaceX, artificial intelligence researcher OpenAI, brain-computer interface developer Neuralink and tunnel digger The Boring Company.

Elon Musk quickly deleted the post which included his phone number.


Elon Musk quickly deleted the post which included his phone number.

A Facebook spokeswoman said Carmack doesn’t plan to leave the company. Representatives for Tesla and Space Exploration Technologies didn’t immediately respond to requests for comment.

Virtual and augmented reality are playing significant roles in the development of autonomous cars. Engineers for companies including Alphabet’s Waymo are turning to simulation platforms to test and train their self-driving systems that are being primed to navigate vehicles as well as – or ideally better than – human drivers.

Before diving into virtual reality, Carmack built a company that attempted to make a craft for suborbital space tourism.

After spending millions, he shuttered it in 2013. Still, he’s maintained an interest in the sector and has interacted with Musk over Twitter before.


Astrology, a Pseudoscience

Astrology, as we know it in modern day, is the study of movements of the planets and constellations in the sky and the relative positions of celestial objects. It dates back to 3,200 B.C during the reign of the Mesopotamian empire, often corresponding with religious or ritual tradition. It also bases itself with surrounding events of history and the present and future. This ancient practice has developed over the years, being heavily studied in various civilisations throughout history. The zodiac – a Greek word which means circle of animals, encompassing the 12 different animals or star constellations which represent characteristics of human personality. Ancient Greece adopted this tradition and created the classical map of the sky – consisting of 48 different constellations.
However, it was the Sumerians who first dabbled in the mystics of astrology. They established the modern-day 12 major constellations and aptly named it – ‘Shiny Herd’. It deemed to be one of the first methods of jotting down a calendar. Observations were timely and accurately associated with the rising and falling of planets, stars and celestial objects.

XII Constellations of Zodiac (Ultraviolet Blueprint version)

There has been speculation believing that certain biblical references connected to Moses and him announcing the end of the Age of Taurus and the beginning of the Age of Aries. The New Testament, is namely linked to the Age of Pisces, through the coming of Christ.
Ancient India and the Chinese also deeply studied the zodiac, inventing a similar version of the 12 signs of the zodiac, with the Hindu Zodiac amounting to similar names and symbols.
In modern day, humans believe in and often research about the Chinese animal zodiac – ‘sheng xiao’ which translates to ‘born resembling’. Legend claims that the origin of the Chinese zodiac calendar stemmed from Buddha himself. He once invited all the animals to a race; the first 12 animals to win the race then became the icons of the zodiac calendar. The Chinese Zodiac revolves around a repeating cycle of 12 years, which represents Jupiter’s orbit around the Sun, concluding 60 years of a celestial cycle.

Now, astrology is not to be confused with astronomy! Astronomy is what society considers actual science – studies which revolve around the studies of celestial objects and phenomena. Simply put, the study of the stars, planets and everything that encompasses outer space.
Is astrology sub-topic of astronomy? Perhaps. Is astrology considered actual science? At least not in the Western society. Although it includes studying the planets and stars and its movements, there has been a lack of scientific reinforcement of evidence. We call this phenomenon a pseudoscience. Scientific research and discipline based on hypothesis without supporting evidence is often referred to as pseudoscience. Physical effects are unknown, benign to the reality of the Universe. Otherwise, astrology often coincides with human psychology and the characteristics of human trait.
This was made entirely possible by the famous Carl Jung.
Carl Jung is well known for his breakthrough work in psychiatry and the founding of analytical psychology. He also coined the term – Synchronicity which correlates with the occurrences’ of ‘meaningful coincidences’. The bright psychiatrist and thinker not only manage to coincide several important events, such as World War I and the founding of ‘Alcoholics Anonymous’ with the study of psychological astrology, but he modernised the 20th Century’s methods of such studies, greatly influencing the rest of the world.

Here I will briefly show an example of a natal birth chart:

Okay, so the different houses each represent different aspects of your life. I’m not going to give you a personalised reading or attempt to coax you into signing up for some astrology study yet if you are genuinely interested, here are a few sites you should visit to check out your horoscope;

I’ve had my reading report at the first link and thanks to a dear friend, I was able to comprehend what the charts meant and how to analyse it, just in case you wanted to know. To me, it’s intriguing and relatively accurate. It does enable you to question certain aspects of your life and the self in general. Pretty amazing.
Surprisingly, Astrology in general has a lot to do with synchronicity, and synchronicity is indefinitely related to the Law of Attraction & Manifestation. This may sound like a bunch of mambo jumbo, but the things that I mentioned are susceptible to discovering more about the self and human psyche and possibly improving your quality of life overall.

Finally, should the subject of Astrology remain a tool for heretics and crazy mystics? This scientific discipline is something that has been embedded subconsciously into our daily lives and I would say that much of the world’s population has been or is currently interested in the study of Astrology & Horoscopes. Useful as a tool for basic guidelines of life, there are many hidden areas of the personality and the human psyche that would still be unknown if not for such studies. Quite frankly, this study of the star constellations and planet movements have been around since the dawn of mankind! This itself should disprove certain theories about it as a lunacy prophecy kind of topic.
Do not be afraid to delve into the mysteries of the universe and the magical wonders that are beyond our imaginative capacities.


Written by Yoji Amashiro 
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Socially Spiritual?


“Om Mani Padme Hum” the ubiquitous mantra which roughly translates as “Praise to the jewel in the lotus.” is probably what you might hear from someone who associates themselves with being spiritual and in tune with their inner selves.
There has been an ongoing trend in the world, people are openly sharing their thoughts and feelings about spirituality & religion. Is this becoming a paradox? Twitter timelines and Instagram feeds are flooded with people preaching about being good in nature, with yoga poses are getting more and more complicated. Do you think it is morally unjust that people can create several identities based on such philosophies?
Some may argue, that by showing off to the rest of the world your spirituality does not make you spiritual.

Well, in that context, yes it does not. However, if one may consider the effectiveness and purpose of sharing with the rest of your family, friends and peers the ways of Buddha or celebrity Yogis, then that argument is all for naught. Personally, I’ve been through such transformation and experienced ego-deaths in the past. And during this time, I sought out to share with the rest of the people how good it makes you feel and why it would beneficial for our lives. However, one would reach a point where you start to wonder – is anyone really listening? Conclusively, in my honest opinion, there are people who are made for this stuff, naturally talented at spreading ideologies and sharing their worldly take on the philosophies on life.


Here’s an example; Buddha aka Gautama Siddhartha. Born in Lumbini Park, Nepal, Gautama was actually born to an Indian family who lived in the northernmost border of India and his mother actually gave birth to him in present-day Nepal whilst on the way to her parent’s house.
In that era, there existed already hundreds, if not, thousands of ‘sages’ and ‘mystics’ who were well versed in the ways of seeking enlightenment. Yet, why was it he – Buddha, was the only one who became so well-known and famous throughout the continent? Due to his perseverance and strong will. What ensued, was a mass following. Buddha now literally has, hundreds of millions of ‘followers’, a couple thousand years later.

So maybe, just maybe, we should give these odd characters – social media influencers, daily preachers and all of these weirdos a chance to redeem themselves and prove to us that hey, there’s nothing wrong with what we do and we should all learn to face our insecurities. Meanwhile, isn’t love about getting along with everybody including our neighbours and enemies?

Peace & Love


Article written by Yoji Amashiro
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E-Commerce’s retail takeover

The world is being taken by storm with retail industry nuanced by e-commerce and online businesses. Numerous brands and business owners are shutting down their physical stores, moving forward and embracing futurists ways of running their enterprises. The retail industry is currently in a ditch, with unemployment rates experiencing influxes and jobs being at an all time low. This has greatly affected the logistical companies who are relying heavily on the retail market.


Tons of entrepreneurs are opting to invest their money in the upcoming food & beverage and transport industries. What is happening? Have people stopped spending money?

The answer is no, as the world continues to revolve on its geometrical axis, global citizens are continuing to spend money, some much more than others, in fact. The world of fashion are inherently experimenting with their crazy antics, fabricating current trends and moving along with the seasons. Yet, as SMEs(Small-Medium Enterprises) are experiencing a lack thereof presence in mega-malls and shopping centres, the internet is booming with namely brands and online stores making their headlines on the latest advertisements.

What is probably the world’s most expensive mall, Marina Bay Sands’ The Shoppes, owned by casino giants Las Vegas Sands, has made a decision to put up their shopping mall on sale. “Sovereign wealth funds or a consortium of large private equity firms may be interested. There is a lack of available good-quality retail mall stock here. The Shoppes is one such property.” –  Mr Alan Cheong, Savills Singapore research head. 

Does this spell the end of super-sized shopping & entertainment arenas? Perhaps not.
Singaporean Capital City Group has been handed over the project to build Johor Baru’s latest retail hub. The Capital mall is rumoured to span an area of one million sq feet. It will also be conjoined with 690 service apartments and 630 hotel-esque service suites.

Meanwhile, Lazada & Unilever are collaborating together to embrace this new e-commerce boom with hopes of brighter future prospects. The two companies, rivalling each other in terms of business etiquette – Lazada being an online consumer goods provider and Unilever, a mostly physical retail consumer goods company, clearly opportunistic have decided to join forces.
The means and methods are certainly underlying as people who are shopping online might visit a physical store to see the product in person and whereas window shoppers are referring to their mobile devices to check up on the products.

With this being said, we hope that the retail & e-commerce industry will continue to bridge the gap and escalate employment rates and revolutionise the way we purchase our goods. Let’s save discussing the morality and ethics of consumer goods for another time as for now, the old school Silk Road methods of trade and barter is a forgotten one whilst digital crypto-currencies are the new in thing.

If it’s not cash you’re after, let it be Alipay points and bitcoin!


Article written by Yoji Amashiro
Photograph by Aika Isabelle

Detoxify and Cleanse your Body of Fluoride with 5 Steps

As you all know, fluoride is the common ingredient in toothpaste that we use in our almost daily life (Did I say almost?) or rather more commonly known as sodium fluoride.

Maybe you already know this or perhaps you do not but did you think it’s possible for fluoride to actually be bad for your health?


Sodium fluoride is classified as a neurotoxin – it’s bad for your brain! It attacks your pineal gland and affects the way your mind works. It’s categorized in the same group as arsenic, lead and mercury. Heck, it’s also in most of our water supply systems and planted in some parts of the world. Meaning that even if you don’t brush your teeth your body will still consume fluoride. Reports by Harvard University prove that children living in places with high fluoride content have significantly lower IQ scores’. Sodium fluoride was also an active ingredient in rat poison…strange isn‘t it?

Here are the top 5 killers of fluoride and ways to detoxify them;

1.) Visit the sauna and hotsprings
Sweating those toxins out by visiting the sauna actually gives you the power to cleanse your body but just be sure to stay hydrated throughout your session.

2.) Boron
Boron is a chemical element that helps to flush your system. Where to find Boron? In mixed nuts, dates, avocadoes, bananas and brocoli!

3.) Go for a liver cleansing
Lemon, turmeric, lime and garlic are good essences of Mother Nature that can help to cleanse our liver. Make a glass of lemon water every morning to start of.

4.) Increase Iodine Intake
You can find Iodine in foods such as seaweed, potatoes, yoghurt, cranberries and strawberries. Remember, the better if all the stuff you eat is organic! Iodine is actually a very important element that increases metabolism rate. Peeing alot does actually help.

5.) Eat tarmarind
This is a known ayurvedic medicine and is commonly known as an African fruit and spice.

Don’t panic, it’s organic!
Remember the mind is the body is the soul is the everything. Take care of all 3 and you will attain immortality!
Just kidding. This only exists in video games, we are all organic living beings and with life comes death.


Article Written by Yoji Amashiro

Saving Mother Earth

Are we using today’s best technologies and using the Earth’s resources efficiently?

There are tons of ways to produce energy from a scientific point of view. As we all know, energy, cannot be destroyed and can only be transferred or transformed into another form of energy. In today’s modern society, one of the most commercial energy sources is electricity.

Solar power is produced by collecting sunlight and converting it into electricity. This is done by using solar panels, which are large flat panels made up of many individual solar cells. It is most often used in remote locations, although it is becoming more popular in urban areas as well. This page contains articles that explore advances in solar energy technology.



In current science today, we are up to date with the latest technology that is provided by our brainstorming scientists and plethora of researchers. Nikolai Tesla was one of the few geniuses who discovered the power of electricity and free energy. However, the more famously known Thomas Edison was the one who commercialized and made electrical energy available to the rest of the world. This was a historic moment of human existence on Earth, regarding the debate and battles of controversy between what we may know today as ‘free energy’ and ‘coal-powered electrical energy.’

There are tons of other sources of energy on our dear planet, however, it is an obvious sign that many of our resources are depleting. This is due to over usage and wastage in excess of these energy sources. Carbon, also known as CO2, is the base of all things living and non-living on Earth is the main source. World carbon emissions are over the top now as we continue to use fossil fuels, oil & gas, coal and more.

Below is a graph chart to depict the numbers per metric ton.


As you can see above, the numbers keep rising and rising as we continue to grow and evolve as one race and together as carbon based lifeforms. Getting worried now?

Here’s how we can help contribute to saving the planet by reducing our carbon footprints.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.


Image Source: Click here


If you live in a big city, chances are that you are not committing all the aforementioned steps for reducing your carbon footprint, assuming you are not a peace and love kinda hippie from the 70s. I am also guilty as charged, doing my very best to contribute in a positive manner towards our planet. Let’s work towards our common goal of preserving our resources and lifeforms in this beautiful world that we share!

P.S. Keen to find out more about how humans came to life on Planet Earth?
Visit here to find out.


Article written by Yoji Amashiro

Make Love, Not War

World War Terror

With the recent attacks in Paris, bombings in Syria and many other human tragedies, it is now clear to most that we, as a human beings, are being leashed by fear. Where will ‘they’ strike next? When? How? These are the questions that will be running through countless minds all around the world as they are being misinformed. Do not get me wrong, the tragedy that happened in Paris was devastating and I am still in grief by the horrific scenes of my fellow-men being slaughtered and in bidding to kill. However, we still need to clear our minds and hearts to discover the truth embedded within such tragedies which will assist us in finding out how we can reduce and even stop such incidents from ever happening again.
Who is ISIS? As stated in Wikipedia, ISIS is a militant group and self-proclaimed Islamic state and caliphate, which is led by and mainly composed of Sunni Arabs from Iraq and Syria. As my searches intensified, I found that the terrorist organization have come about from during the United States of America’s occupation in Iraq during 2003. Here is a video of investigative journalist, Ben Swann, explaining and exposing in detail, the rise to power of ISIS (LINK1).

As mainstream news flooded with coverage from the attacks of one of the most beautiful cities in the world, we were presented with the devastation, chaos, blood, grief but also kind acts of humanity where people come together, walking hand in hand, to oppose such violence. The scene seems endless and is still being broadcasted worldwide. On social media, people began movements such as #prayforparis (for donations towards the French Red Cross) and displayed the French Flag as their display pictures on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, to show that they are against the violence and are “with Paris” after the horrific attacks. Whilst, mainstream media coverage tends to throw words around like ‘Islamic terrorist’ and ‘jihadist’. Upon further research, it undoubtedly seem that some of the mainstream news have been altered, even fabricated to only show one perception of truth, that these deaths were attributed by violent muslim terrorist from Syria. With the rising number of unnecessary hate comments on Muslims, an overwhelming feeling of disappointment encapsulate my heart as I see my fellow human beings, entangled within the loathing that only fuels more intolerance and resentment. Always, keep an open mind when it comes to information that has been presented especially from the mainstream media. There are many avenues of false and misleading information which will only segregate and divide us into condoning more violence and hostility. Keep your mind and heart always open to information during these times as it would be key to revealing the false truth that the Elite power of the world has put forth to keep us in their control.


Photo from –


These are a few videos I came across that show some discrepancies in the media coverage of the Paris attacks.

1. Paris, France “Terrorist Attack” Psyop Hoax – Cafe Suicide Bombing scene “Forensic experts” exposed (LINK2)

2. Paris Attacks: Staged Bombing Shooting Hoax For Syrian Invasion exposed (LINK3)

Where was ‘this’ kind of media coverage when terror attacks on other countries occurred? There are a few countries, beside France, that suffered attacks that was claimed by ISIS as well. Not a lot of the world population know about these. On 21st September 2013, Kenya, was a victim of a horrific mass shooting at the upmarket Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi. There were 67 deaths and 175 injured. On 2nd April 2015, Kenya also suffered a worse attack to that of Paris, that resulted in 147 killed with 79 injured and many more evacuated to safety. On the 12th November 2015, two suicide bombers detonated explosives in the southern suburb of Beirut, Lebanon which reported over 37 killed. This was also claimed by ISIS. This was just a day before the paris attacks and there are many more terror attacks that have occurred within this year alone. Here is the list from Wiki (LINK4).

Here are some other information on ISIS and countries that have been assisting and funding their regime:

President Putin answering questions regarding ISIS from an US journalist at the Valdai International Discussion Club in late 2014  (LINK5)

A debate on the war in Syria on Presstv on 28th August 2013 (LINK6)

I simply cannot understand the need for conflict, war, servitude and unnecessary deaths due to revenge and profits. This will only result in a negative effect towards the world’s population and ultimately leading to our extinction. I know that in all human beings, there is kindness and affection. A desire to grow and the ability to love. To overlook all and any differences that has brought us to this frightful stage in civilization. Of course, we have been through the bad and even the worst of times and we are constantly being pushed to our limits, cornered with no form of solution. To be beaten and battered every time. To be forced with segregation and hatred. To be lied to and use as cattle for the elite which only craves power to rule and reign, elusively. I also understand that we yearn the need for conflict which only arises due to the conflict that is within. Before providing any form of opinion, we should exercise tolerance and care. We are in a midst of awakening and there are some people who are aware of these tragedies that have infected the human race. Solutions and policies have been put into place to deter such mishaps by people who truly care and are concerned of devastation that has been reoccurring.

However, there is room for improvements to make it all better. Look at the people around you and feel their need to survive, to live with freedom and strive for justice. We do not need to have sides of what is right and wrong. We need to only work together with tolerance and love for each other to make the world a better place. We live within such a short period of time and death will soon take us. No materials that we have acquired or will be acquiring will last forever. No amount of fame and fortune can bring you closer to happiness and bliss. We have only our perception of our own rights and wrongs. We can agree or find consensus together, but every thing we express is based on our opinions, beliefs and experiences. As we all have a variety of different experiences that ultimately makes us, we cannot fully grasp an emotion or thought captured by the next person in line. We can never find peace with one another if all we think and do are only of our opinions. We have to be empathetic and understanding to the different circumstances that are. Clear your mind and hearts of hatred and fear. Look without prejudice and feel with all your heart and soul. You might find that all you see in the person next to you is yourself. Just another human being going through life as intended. We all have obstacles to face. Open your eyes and heart to realise that no matter who and where you are and what you are doing, it creates our future, our reality. It may seem impossible, but every act of kindness and love helps. We have to come together in loving embrace to create a future for our children and their children that will be of freedom, liberty and peace. Be of sharing and discovering rather than judging and killing. We only have love and only with love we can change our reality. It starts with you and me.

“The world will not be destroyed by evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything”
– Albert Eistein


Article written by Fariq Yusoff