Thy Symposium is a meeting place for friends and families to virtually commune and discuss worldy topics.
The way to look outward is to look within.

Quote of the weekrob-siltanen-people-who-are-crazy-enough-to-change-the-world

Here, thou purpose is to share alternative news, knowledge, and information regarding our planet and the issues around the world. We believe in facts, critical thinking, pragmatism, spirituality & science. Being based in South East Asia, thou culture and issues have overwhelmed each and every one of us thus, our aim is to raise thy level of consciousness and vibration of the planet – exploring different perspectives and niches of the general population of the region.

As thine earthly living carbon-based life form..everyone has a part to play in healing our planet to ensure a better living environment for our children, ourselves and also the inhabitants that CO-EXIST here.

The true meaning of freedom is the absence of limitation. The presence of possibilities.
Let’s undo the damage done to Mother Earth and our Solar Systems. UNITE, CREATE, LOVE.

If thee are interested and passionate about connecting and collaborating with us in any way possible; UV decorations, festivals, parties, digital & organic art, articles, audio engineering, etc..
CONTACT USzencrystal@outlook.com


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