Socially Spiritual?


“Om Mani Padme Hum” the ubiquitous mantra which roughly translates as “Praise to the jewel in the lotus.” is probably what you might hear from someone who associates themselves with being spiritual and in tune with their inner selves.
There has been an ongoing trend in the world, people are openly sharing their thoughts and feelings about spirituality & religion. Is this becoming a paradox? Twitter timelines and Instagram feeds are flooded with people preaching about being good in nature, with yoga poses are getting more and more complicated. Do you think it is morally unjust that people can create several identities based on such philosophies?
Some may argue, that by showing off to the rest of the world your spirituality does not make you spiritual.

Well, in that context, yes it does not. However, if one may consider the effectiveness and purpose of sharing with the rest of your family, friends and peers the ways of Buddha or celebrity Yogis, then that argument is all for naught. Personally, I’ve been through such transformation and experienced ego-deaths in the past. And during this time, I sought out to share with the rest of the people how good it makes you feel and why it would beneficial for our lives. However, one would reach a point where you start to wonder – is anyone really listening? Conclusively, in my honest opinion, there are people who are made for this stuff, naturally talented at spreading ideologies and sharing their worldly take on the philosophies on life.


Here’s an example; Buddha aka Gautama Siddhartha. Born in Lumbini Park, Nepal, Gautama was actually born to an Indian family who lived in the northernmost border of India and his mother actually gave birth to him in present-day Nepal whilst on the way to her parent’s house.
In that era, there existed already hundreds, if not, thousands of ‘sages’ and ‘mystics’ who were well versed in the ways of seeking enlightenment. Yet, why was it he – Buddha, was the only one who became so well-known and famous throughout the continent? Due to his perseverance and strong will. What ensued, was a mass following. Buddha now literally has, hundreds of millions of ‘followers’, a couple thousand years later.

So maybe, just maybe, we should give these odd characters – social media influencers, daily preachers and all of these weirdos a chance to redeem themselves and prove to us that hey, there’s nothing wrong with what we do and we should all learn to face our insecurities. Meanwhile, isn’t love about getting along with everybody including our neighbours and enemies?

Peace & Love


Article written by Yoji Amashiro
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