Detoxify and Cleanse your Body of Fluoride with 5 Steps

As you all know, fluoride is the common ingredient in toothpaste that we use in our almost daily life (Did I say almost?) or rather more commonly known as sodium fluoride.

Maybe you already know this or perhaps you do not but did you think it’s possible for fluoride to actually be bad for your health?


Sodium fluoride is classified as a neurotoxin – it’s bad for your brain! It attacks your pineal gland and affects the way your mind works. It’s categorized in the same group as arsenic, lead and mercury. Heck, it’s also in most of our water supply systems and planted in some parts of the world. Meaning that even if you don’t brush your teeth your body will still consume fluoride. Reports by Harvard University prove that children living in places with high fluoride content have significantly lower IQ scores’. Sodium fluoride was also an active ingredient in rat poison…strange isn‘t it?

Here are the top 5 killers of fluoride and ways to detoxify them;

1.) Visit the sauna and hotsprings
Sweating those toxins out by visiting the sauna actually gives you the power to cleanse your body but just be sure to stay hydrated throughout your session.

2.) Boron
Boron is a chemical element that helps to flush your system. Where to find Boron? In mixed nuts, dates, avocadoes, bananas and brocoli!

3.) Go for a liver cleansing
Lemon, turmeric, lime and garlic are good essences of Mother Nature that can help to cleanse our liver. Make a glass of lemon water every morning to start of.

4.) Increase Iodine Intake
You can find Iodine in foods such as seaweed, potatoes, yoghurt, cranberries and strawberries. Remember, the better if all the stuff you eat is organic! Iodine is actually a very important element that increases metabolism rate. Peeing alot does actually help.

5.) Eat tarmarind
This is a known ayurvedic medicine and is commonly known as an African fruit and spice.

Don’t panic, it’s organic!
Remember the mind is the body is the soul is the everything. Take care of all 3 and you will attain immortality!
Just kidding. This only exists in video games, we are all organic living beings and with life comes death.


Article Written by Yoji Amashiro